Black Box Podcast #0: The Pilot

Using Black Box and an Air Patch Cable, it is easy to record in cockpit conversations while flying. I thought it might be fun to publish some of these conversations as a podcast. 

Alexei in front of a plane he can fly.

Alexei in front of a plane he can fly.

This past Saturday my friend Alexei Gousev and I flew my airplane from Petaluma Municipal (O69) to Boonville Airport (D83). We talked about his newly minted private pilot's license, 152s, how high we've flown, and other random things. This recording captures the entire flight, from the departure at O69 to the landing at D83.


2014-02-25 09.01.25.png

Departure: O69

Destination: D83

Duration: 30m

You can download the Black Box file here.

You can view this flight by installing Black Box here.